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Bitty Twins from American Girl

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Last summer, I visited American Girl store for the first time with my twins.  I was looking for a doll for my daughter when a customer representative showed me the bitty twins dolls.
When you purchase the Bitty Twins, you can choose the features of each twin separately. If you want one dark hair and one light hair twin, you can do that easily.  I was able to choose a girl and a boy with blond hair, blue eyes, and light skin tone like my twins.  I told them it was a copy of them when they were baby.

The clothes they come in are brightly colored and, with the exception of the shoes, quite easy for little hands to put on and off. American Girl also carries a great line of clothes for the Bitty Twins including several that you can purchase for your little one to match her doll.

The Bitty Twins are a bit smaller than the regular American Girl Dolls, standing at 15 inches instead of the usual 18.  They are for ages 3 and up.  They are gorgeous and very well made, soft bodies, and beautiful hair that can be styled.

Young children and even boys can enjoy one of the Bitty Twin doll!  My daughter loves carrying them around, dressing them up, doing their hair, feed them, put them in stroller and pretty much everything she sees me do with her.  My son loves to help is sister taking care of them.

The Bitty Twins come with your choice of two twins along with two coordinating outfits and a book for $105. There is also a Bitty Twins Starter Collection available that includes the twins and a total of 18 pieces for $185.  My opinion the bitty twin are a wonderful product and worth paying a higher price for.


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