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Bigtrak XTR Rover

by dennis

Kids like playing with high tech toys. There is that certain kind of appeal to them that kids certainly like. It is no wonder that kids would certainly like playing with the Bigtrak XTR Rover.

The Bigtrak XTR Rover is not just any toy truck or rover. It comes with onboard high tech gadgetry that makes it not only a toy for kids but for kids at heart as well. This six-wheeler robotic rover is programmable and can be controlled using a smartphone. A computer module can be used to connect the robotic rover to a computer. The travel path of the Bigtrak XTR Rover can be recorded and played back to allow the robotic truck to follow the same path at another time. It can be a good way to have the Bigtrak XTR go to certain areas around the home just at a touch of a keypad for it to load a particular recorded path.

There are two accessory ports for the XTR where accessories can be connected. People can connect a missile launcher or an IR gun into it, even a webcam to see what the Bigtrak XTR sees as it goes on its way. This unique toy is currently available for pre-order at 70 UK Pounds or around US$112 at the I Want One of Those site. It is expected to be available in the market sometime in March of next year.

Image Source: I Want One of Those

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