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Big Stack Cardboard Blocks

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Building blocks and sets are great toys to give to your kids. It helps develop their knack for creating things and help encourage creativity and use of their imagination. But some parents can sometime be concerned whether the building pieces may not always be safe when kids are left alone to play. Although there are some building blocks that may not be ideal for the younger toddlers, there are also some like the Big Stack Cardboard Blocks that are relatively safe to play with.

The Big Stack Cardboard Blocks is a set of 40 oversized building blocks kids can use for some creative construction. They are made up of large but extra strong and sturdy cardboard blocks, light enough for kids to handle and yet strong enough to withstand kids around 55 pounds who try to stand on them. The Big Stack Cardboard Blocks feature different designs on every side to give kids a wide range of choices when they start designing and constructing different buildings and structures. This building set helps encourage active play in kids as well as develop their gross motor skills and creativity. The Big Stack Cardboard Blocks is available at Fat Brain Toys for $40.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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