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The Big Dig

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Some kids love to play with sand. That is why sandboxes are popular with the kids. They love building sand castles or just simply moving sand around. Kids can have fun in the sandbox with a shovel and pail. But they can also sometimes get bored after awhile. It may help to introduce other tools they can use while playing with sand. The Big Dig may be just the toy they need.

The Big Dig is a kid-sized manual crane that would be perfect for any sandbox. Just set it up on the sand and it will be ready to dig with some manual help from a kid. The crane comes with two levers that allow kids to operate and move the crane, along with the scooping action. The seat pivots 360 degrees to allow kids to move the sand around to where they like to dump it.

The Big Dig is made of sturdy metal frame good enough for kids to sit on. During the winter, kids can also have fun using it on snow.

The Big Dig helps develop a kid’s gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and some imaginative play. This toy may require some assembly. Detailed instructions are provided with the set. The Big Dig is available at Fat Brain Toys for $40.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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