Best Apps For Kids

Kids nowadays consider a smartphone or a tablet as their main toy. Although it does sometimes prevent kids from being interested in playing games and other healthy physical activity, parents cannot deny the fact that kids have an increased interest in these gadgets. While some parents can continue to complain and gripe about this, others try to make tablets and smartphones as kid-friendly educational tools instead. It all depends on the apps you download on these gadgets that will make it an aid for a kids growth and development. Here are some of the best apps for kids that parents may want to consider.

Crayola ColorStudio HD

Make the iPad or iPhone a drawing board for your kids by downloading the Crayola ColorStudio HD app. Downloading the app will transform your device into a digital drawing board for your kids. Simple menus make it easy for kids to understand and use. It is a good alternative for kids to write on the wallpaper or the table when they feel the need to draw. The app is available for free download on iOS devices.

Baby Sign and Sing

This app is unique in that it will help toddlers learn nursery rhymes and sing them while learning the sign language. >The free trial app comes with one song, Old Macdonald’s Farm that kids can sing to and learn sign language. If parents would like for their kids to learn other rhymes, the full paid app comes with 10 more songs for kids to enjoy singing to and using ASL while they sign along. The app also comes with a section for learning about sign language and a tutorial for singing the song with signs. The trial app that comes with one song is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

A Parcel of Courage

This app is a story that kids will enjoy reading. This digital book is an interactive adventure that also comes with educational activities that kids can do along with 4 unique learning games. Not only will this app help kids enjoy reading, it can also help them develop their logical skills, memory, as well as their spatial recognition skills, thanks to the games and activities included with the story. It is available for free download on iOS devices.

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