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Beep-Beep & Play Toy Vehicle

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Just like adults, kids love to ride on cars. It gives them the means to explore further surrounding than they could ever experience at an early age. Even the cars themselves can be fascinating to kids. Their inquisitive minds will try to discover how cars work and even imagine driving one. For kids with an early fascination for automobiles, the Beep-Beep & Play Toy Vehicle serves as an ideal entry-level driving experience for kids at an early age.

The Beep-Beep & Play Toy Vehicle is a kid-sized plush toy car that will give kids an early experience into riding a car all on their own. This toy vehicle seats one and comes with different learning features aimed to stimulate a child’s fascination with cars. Kids can check out the clicking steering wheel and try lighting up the dashboard. A realistic rear view mirror will enable kids to develop facial recognition and visual learning.

The Beep-Beep & Play Toy Vehicle also comes with a tethered key that kids can learn to plug into the ignition slot. Turn the key and the kids will hear a music and engine sounds to their delight. This toy vehicle also features a cup holder and a net trunk to store other toys. The Beep-Beep & Play Toy Vehicle has a soft-plush design to make it safe and comfortable for toddlers. It can encourage sensory learning and develop a child’s fine motor skills and imaginative play.

The Beep-Beep & Play Toy Vehicle requires 2AAA batteries to work. It is ideal for kids from 9 months old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $86.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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