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Beasts of Balance

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Certain games can have that combination of fun and intrigue to be appealing to many kids. The new ones that come out certainly try to aim for that. Some are successful at it while some are not. It is no longer that easy trying to please kids nowadays. That may be one reason why games such as Beasts of Balance get developed.
Beasts of Balance is a toy set that combines a physical and digital game in one. It features a set of different magical artifacts that are identified as beasts, action, cross, and element artifacts. Beasts of Balance also makes use of an app to make the game interesting. The objective of the game is to stack up the different artifacts on the plinth without toppling over. But there is more to the game than just that. The plinth connects to the game app which then displays a digital version of the artifacts into the smart device.
At every turn, each player touches the artifact chosen at the side of the plinth and then place it on top. That artifact then appears in the digital world of the game. As each artifact is stacked one on top of the other, they get to appear on the digital world or perform a certain function. A certain number of points are awarded according to what and how each artifact is stacked. The game ends when the tower created eventually topples down.
The Beasts of Balance game is unique in that it is more than just another stack-em-up game. It add a digital aspect in the game that makes it all the more appealing to kids. One has to try playing the game in order to believe it. The Beasts of Balance is available at their website for 69 UK Pounds or around US$93.
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