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Beados Super Studio

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It is fun to engage in arts and crafts. Many kids find it interesting to work and create different things. Parents like the fact that it helps develop their kid’s creativity. Many toys nowadays help kids engage in such activities. Toys like the Beados Super Studio allow them to release their creative energy making things using Beados.

The Beados Super Studio is a toy set where kids can engage in creating 3D art using Beados beads. What makes this choice of material interesting for kids is that the beads magically bind together when in contact with water. Put different colored Beados beads together on the design tray. The different colored beads are conveniently placed on the separate bead pod storage trays placed above the Beados Super Studio set. Kids only need to select the color beads they want to add into their artwork, eject it into the design tray and repeat. After finishing the work, spray a bit of water on it and wait. The Beados Super Studio comes with a fan that helps dry out and bind the Beados together faster. Kids can surely put their creativity and imagination to work using the Beados Super Studio. It is now available for pre-order at Toys R’ Us for $25.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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