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Beach Stamps

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Going to the beach is always fun and exciting. Now that summer is here, kids will have many opportunities to head out to the beach. Some of the kids will just prefer playing in the sand while others have fun on the water. In order to keep the kids have fun on dry land, bringing toys like the Beach Stamps will help add to their many activities playing in the sand.

Beach Stamps is a set of impression stamps designed for use in sand. Kids will specially love using Beach Stamps to create instant artwork on sand. The stamps are designed to make it easy for even small hands to grasp and use. Each stamp comes with a securing band to attach each stamp securely on a child’s hands in order to make impressions on the sand. Each stamp is made out of soft but durable non-toxic material.

The Beach Stamps allow kids to create exact impressions on sand. Kids can learn to create sand art with the different shapes available. Different sets are available categorized as Animals, Cowboy, Fantasy, Space, Interactive, and Fun Shapes. It is an ideal toy to give to creative kid from 4 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $14.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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