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Baudino Sieve Roller

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Kids love playing with sand. That is why sandboxes are quite popular play areas. If they are not making sand castles, kids love just moving sand around. It is not as if they are looking for peace and quiet as Zen practitioners like to do. But it is almost the same thing. But kids call it at their age as playtime. If you have a kid that loves playing in the sand, then he or she will surely appreciate the Baudino Sieve Roller.

The Baudino Sieve Roller is a heavy-duty and smooth rolling toy device that kids can use to do different kinds of things with sand. They can fill up the roller with sand and let it roll. It will sieve through the sand and separate the fine particles with the larger ones. Kids can have fun discovering what may lie buried in the sand they are playing on.

Kids can also use the Baudino Sieve Roller to create criss-cross roads in the sand. The sieve holes on the roller can help create designs that become roads in a kid’s sand city. After all, sand castles become even more interesting if kids build the roads leading to it.

The Baudino Sieve Roller helps kids develop their gross motor skills and also help encourage imaginative play. It is ideal for kids from a year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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