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Bathtub Ball Track Set

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Playing with water is something kids love to do. Instead of splashing all over the bathtub, kids can also enjoy having some worthwhile play with toys that can fascinate them to no end. This Bathtub Ball Track Set is just one example of such a toy.

The Bathtub Ball Track Set is an interesting toy that will enable kids to make their own water fountain or ball track while taking a bath. It features 3 water tracks and a paddle wheel that comes with suction cups on one side to let them stick into bathroom walls. The strong suction power enables the set pieces to stay in place, even with the water flowing through them. Kids can try experimenting how to assemble the pieces to make the most interesting water fountain or ball track.

Aside from being fun and interesting to watch, the Bathtub Ball Track Set allows the kids to explore and learn more about cause and effect, positioning the different pieces and estimating distance. Ideal for kids from 3 years old and above, the Bathtub Ball Track Set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.
Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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