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Baseball Challenge Interactive Game

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I wish for my kids to grow up active. I would like to encourage them to get into sports to keep them busy. By summer, I intend to have them join the kiddie baseball league. But for the meantime, they can practice their pitching skills by using this Baseball Challenge Interactive Game.

The Baseball Challenge Interactive Game is an ideal toy for the budding baseball pitcher. Kids can use it to practice their pitching. It features a durable padded mat that comes with a scoreboard and a batter ready to hit your pitch. At the center of the mat are squares with points in them. You take your aim on these areas to hit with the ball. The scores you hit are automatically added into the scoreboard. But you also need to watch out for your aim. There are deductions on your score if you hit right at the prime hitting spot of the batter. You also need to watch out for the blaring buzzer and breaking glass sounds. But hit the right area and you can hear the crowd roar and cheer for you.

You can play with the Baseball Challenge either alone or with a friend. You can take turns taking a pitch. The first one to reach 100 points is the winner. This toy comes with fun sound effects that make the game enjoyable for kids. It can help practice a child’s coordination, accuracy as well as social interaction when playing with a friend. The Baseball Challenge toy set comes with a mat made of durable materials as well as an inflatable baseball. It requires 3AA batteries to function. Designed for kids, from 5 years old and above, the Baseball Challenge is available at Fat Brain Toys for $46.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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