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Barbie Digital Dress Doll

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Many girls consider Barbie the ultimate doll to play with. It is one of those toy dolls that have continuously built up on its popularity after so many years. And it is still popular even after all being in the market since 1959. This goes to show that some toys can be ageless. They just sometimes need a bit of updating now and then, just like this new Barbie Digital Dress Doll.

The Barbie Digital Dress Doll is made for making girls do what they love- dressing up their dolls. It is just that the new Barbie also comes with the latest fashion in mind. Girls can now dress it not with the typical dress, but by using light with the latest LED technology. Imagine Barbie walking the runway wearing light designs and you get the Barbie Digital Dress Doll.

Girls can create and design their very own animated digital designs and it will appear on Barbie’s dress. There are three different modes to play with the Barbie Digital Dress Doll. They can use the ready-to-go graphics such as hearts and fireworks. They can also draw custom designs on Barbie using the 4.5 square inch resistive touch panel found in the doll’s black dress which comes with 144 tri-color LED’s. Girls can also watch how their designs respond to light and sounds. The Barbie Digital Dress Dollis designed for girls age six years old and up. It is available at Mattel for $50.

Image Source: Mattel

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