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Want to play Scrabble, but hate the length of time it takes to play it? Frustrated over other players who take over your favorite spot? Bananagrams bring word games into a frenzy as players race to empty their letter tiles.

The game is similar to Scrabble: each player gets a certain number of letter tiles (no blanks), with all of them get to form words and connect them like crossword puzzles. The first to use all of their letter tiles win. Players can even invade other player’s crosswords just to empty their letters. There are multiple ways to play Bananagrams, making it comfortable for beginners as well as keep advanced players on their toes. The game does not need a board and does not require a notebook and pen to keep up with scores.

Bananagrams can be played solo or up to eight players ages 7 and up. It is now available on Amazon for a listed price of $14.99.

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