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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

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Kids love to listen to music even at an early age. Sounds easily catch their attention even as infants. They tend to bring this fascination with them as they grow. The kind of sounds they get accustomed with also seems to influence their growth. For example, if you like your kids to listen to country music early on, they will learn to appreciate those tunes when they grow up. If you like your kids to grow up listening to some classical music, then the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes will be such a useful toy to have at home.

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a kid-friendly MP3 player that helps you promote music appreciation to your kids at a very early age. Parents can also use it to help improve auditory development. This unique MP3 player comes with kid-friendly classical song masterpieces composed by Chopin, Mozart, Rossini and Vivaldi. It is not your typical classical piece but played in a version that any small kid will keep listening to. A choice from seven classical melodies will keep the kids engaged and attentive to what they are hearing.

Since it is designed for kids, it also comes with colorful lights that dance across the screen as the music plays. It comes not only to entertain with sounds but also becomes visually entertaining as well. There is a switch for turning the device off or choosing between low and high volume. A button allows your kid to toggle between the different melodies. It also comes with a caterpillar handle that is easy even for small hands to grasp and bring along anywhere. The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is available at Amazon for US$9.

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