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Baby Clemmy Turtle Building Blocks

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By the time kids learn how to crawl, they begin to explore everything around them. This includes anything that they can get their hands on. Your crawling bundle of energy might benefit playing with toys that can help them develop different skills at an early age. Toys like the Baby Clemmy Turtle will help growing toddlers do just that.

The Baby Clemmy Turtle is a set of oversized building blocks that are stored inside a large, colorful turtle with a shell that opens up. The building blocks are made of soft and squishable rubber that kids can stack up on top of each other. Toddlers can also stack up the blocks at the back of the turtle’s shell to create a more stable base. Kids can learn how to build towers and other stuctures by playing with the Baby Clemmy Turtle.

As kids take their time playing with this building block set designed for kids as young as 10 months old, they begin to develop certain skills that will provide to be valuable in their growing up years. Playing with the Baby Clemmy Turtle helps kids develop their gross motor as well as their visual-spatial skills.

It also allows them to develop their creativity and gives them many opportunities of sensory exploration. The Baby Clemmy Turtle comes with 15 soft stacking blocks using materials with long lasting durability and also kid safe. Interested parents can get one at Fat Brain Toys for $28.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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