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Awamako 3D Foam Pen

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Kid love to play with interesting toys. If it is something that they have not seen before, then it must be something fun to have. With the popularity of 3D pens lately, some kids may be having dreams of trying one out. But with heating elements in them, these high tech pens may be reserved for the older kids. As an interesting alternative, kids can have fun using this unique Awamako 3D Foam Pen instead.

Just like most things unique and quirky, the Awamako 3D Foam Pen hail from Japan. Credit the Japanese for creating something that is so unlike a lot of toys out in the market today. Sure there are 3D pens for older kids to play with. But this Awamako 3D Foam Pen includes younger kids who would like to give it a try. Instead of using melted plastic to create 3D structures, the Awamako 3D Foam Pen makes use of soap suds. Using ordinary liquid hand soap will be good enough to do the trick. It does not use a heating element either, making this unique pen ideal even for young kids to use.

With the Awamako 3D Foam Pen, kids can try to create 3D objects that only soap suds can. It comes with different pen head sizes to give kids different options in creating soap sud objects. In order to help kids build them, the set comes with two plastic foam bases where kids can start creating objects in 3D. They can start making a cat or a bird out of soap suds. Accessories are also available such as ears, eyes, noses and others to further enhance their creations.

The Awamako 3D Foam Pen can help kids develop their creativity trying to build 3D objects out soap suds. It can also help them develop their fine motor skills as well. Ideal for kids from 6 years old and above, the Awamako 3D Foam Pen is available at Japan Trend Shop for $39.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop


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