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Automoblox: Taking Wooden Cars to Digital Age

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At this day and age, is there still room for traditional toys like Automoblox wooden cars? I believe so.

With the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, I often wonder what would happen to my kids if they grow up playing nothing but apps. I don’t expect my young kids, or any children for that matter, to properly care for their toys right off the bat. Those devices are sure to have a short life; one drop and it’s done.

I look online for the best toys in the market that are similar to the ones we used to play as a kid. When I saw Automoblox and read the description about it, I know I have found one. These toy cars are made of German beech wood and finished with three coats of non-toxic paint. While the body is completely wooden, the wheel rims, roof, connectors, and the passenger figures are made of polycarbonate. The wheel, meanwhile, is made of real rubber.

Automoblox are named after “blocks” for a reason, as kids can take the parts apart and put them back together using its patented connector system. Since we purchased three different models, they can create customized vehicles, just like how they can create different towers using the same set of building blocks.

And once my kids are done creating their new cars, they roll them along the floor like race cars! They are experiencing the same joys we have felt when we were little.

Automoblox is recommended for kids age 36 months to 10 years and is available at Amazon starting at $9.99.

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