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Attacknids Battle Bots

by dennis

Robots today are more generally designed as playthings rather than human assistants. While there are now robots that help humans in doing some tasks, most of them are still being built for our entertainment. The Attacknids Battle Bots are no different in this case.

The Attacknids Battle Bots are creepy crawly robots that are armed with a Bolt ‘n Battle weapons system. They are designed to do battle with each other for your entertainment. The Attacknids have the ability to do 360 degree rotations and do synchronized walking action instead of the usual wheels. Humans get to control where they go using a wireless controller. Weapons are flying disks that can be directed to an enemy Attacknid in sight. Three hits to the Battle Brain disable the robot and render it lifeless until the next round. The Attacknids Battle Bots are expected to come out in November. But the battle robots are now available for pre-order for 70 UK Pounds or around US$113.

Image Source: Firebox

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