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Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

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Kids today benefit a lot from technology in terms of learning. Not only that, technology also makes it more fun and interesting. Learning about computer coding is no longer just for older kids or adults, now that toys like the Artie 3000 robot is now available.

The Artie 3000 is a unique robot that can teach kids about computer coding at a very early age. It is a programmable robot that can draw anything you can code into it. Kids can control it via WiFi, thanks to its built-in WiFi server. Internet connection is not needed to make the Artie 3000 work and function. It can be controlled via a desktop, mobile phone or other portable device. Built-in coding apps can be accessed from a browser that kids can then use to make the robot draw a certain path on paper. Kids can also load, edit, and save their designs. Aside from coding, kids can also use a remote control app to guide the robot where to go.

The Artie 3000 robot UImakes use of drag and drop command blocks as a starting point into teaching kids  how to code. There are also other coding applications available to expand a kid’s knowledge in writing code for the robot. In order to accomplish commands, the Artie 3000 robot is capable of 360-degree movement with its omni-directional wheels. Under the robot is a felt tip pen that can lower or lift depending on what the robot is commanded to do.

The Artie 3000 coding robot gives kids the opportunity to learn about the basics of computer coding in a fun way. It is an ideal toy for kids who would like to explore their artistic sides while developing their coding skills at an early age. Designed for kids from 7 to 12 years old, the Artie 3000 coding robot is now available for only $70.

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