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Around the House Sound Puzzle

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Kids begin to associate different things in their surroundings by the time their senses are fully developed to absorb different types of stimuli. From sounds, views, textures, tastes, kids can slowly learn how to match them through their experiences. But can take time. But parents can help kids develop the skill in building associations by playing with toys like the Around the House Sound Puzzle.

The Around the House Sound Puzzle from Melissa & Doug is a sturdy wooden puzzle that also feature sound effects. It has an image of a house with a number of peg puzzle parts that serve as the window or doors. When kids lift a peg puzzle on a designated part of the house, a realistic household sound is emitted. When the garage door is lifted for example, a car sound comes out. The attic houses the laundry room which emits the sound of a washing machine. Other surprises await the child while opening each of the eight-piece peg puzzle.

The Around the House Sound Puzzle is a good way to teach kids how to associate certain sounds around the house with a particular room or even object. This puzzle not only helps develop their problem solving skills but also their auditory processing skills. Lifting the peg puzzles and putting the house back together helps kids develop their fine motor and logic skills. Kids can also learn to develop their narrative thinking as they try to create different stories involving the sounds around the home. The Around the House Sound Puzzle is ideal for kids from 2 years old and above. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $11.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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