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Armadora Board Game

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Board games can also be fun, exciting and adventurous. Some board games may not offer that level of play, but there are others like the Armadora Board Game that will enable players to get into an adventure where there is gold involved. That alone will entice kids to give it a try.

The Armadora Board Game is an exciting game where players try to stake their claim for gold in the land of Armadora. Players can then try to defend their territory in different ways. Players can fence off gold territories using palisades. They can also use warrior tokens by placing them face down to hide strength. Revealing the warrior tokens at the end of the game will determine who wins the gold for each territory. The player who gets the most gold wins the game. Advanced play can even become more exciting with added power and reinforcement tokens. The game board set comes with detailed game rules and instructions.

The Armadora Board Game requires player skills in strategy, memory, and a hint of bluff. The games also encourages math skills, logic and cooperative play. Ideal for kids from 8 years old and above, the Armadora Board Game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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