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Aqua Shield

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Kids are excitedly expecting another fun summer. This means more times playing outdoors with friends. This might also mean more water balloon fights. Kids love to play with water not just to have fun but also to cool off during the summer. But a battle is still a battle and kids will want to have that distinct advantage during water balloon fights. This Aqua Shield will give them that advantage they need.

Playing with water balloons can have kids soaked up in water in the end. But that is not the point in water balloon battles. Trying to delay the inevitable is the primary objective. With the Aqua Shield, kids can to just that. It acts as an able shield for incoming water balloons. It sure beats getting behind Mom to avoid getting soaked by a water balloon. With the Aqua Shield, kids can have more options trying to move around and avoid those balloons in the field of battle. But that is not just what the Aqua Shield can offer.

The Aqua Shield also comes with a built-in water blaster that can give kids an added advantage whenever they run out of water balloons. It is not visible from an opponent’s view and tends to take them by surprise the first time they try to attack and they end up soaked. They can think twice of trying to do that again on the next battle. The Aqua Shield is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. A set comes with a pair of Aqua Shields and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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