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Apples to Apples Card Game

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March 30th is International Tabletop Day, encouraging families and friends to play card games or board games as they strengthen bonds with the people who matter the most. One of the problems with such games, however, is the limited number of players allowed to play in tabletop games.

Here’s one card game that remedies that problem. Apples to Apples is a highly-praised and much-played card game that is easy as “comparing apples to apples.” It contains 756 Red Apple Cards and 252 Green Apple Cards, encouraging more than four players to join in the fun.

Red cards contain noun word, while the green ones have adjectives. A non-playing judge distributes seven red cards on each player. The judge picks a green card at random, such as “Exhilarating,” and places it on the tablet. The players would have to choose which of their own red cards best describes the adjective. One player may put out “Waterfalls,” while the next may place “Mad Cow Disease.” The players have to explain to the judge why their red card fits the adjective in play best. The judge then chooses the winning noun-adjective combination, and the the player who dealt it, based on his or her own judgment. He may choose based on logic or just because the player’s explanation is downright crazy.

The fun in Apples to Apples lies in the unpredictability of the game. It does not rely on luck and has no definite strategy. All you need are your quick wit and humor. It is also an awesome conversation kick starter, as players have to explain their case to the judge and other players reply in agreement or disdain to the rationale provided.

Apples to Apples has won numerous prestigious awards, including the “Party Game of the Year” by Games magazine and “Mensa Select” by Mensa International. It is now available on Amazon for a listed price of $26.99.

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