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AppGear Foam Fighters Augmented Reality Toy Planes

by dennis

With many things to keep people entertained nowadays, it can be a tall order trying to choose between them. In the case of games and toys, people have the choice to play with either physical toys or those popular digital games. But with augmented reality, it is now possible to do both at the same time. One example in mind is the AppGear Foam Fighters Augmented Reality Toy Planes.

The AppGear Foam Fighters is a unique set of toys that work with what is popularly known as augmented reality. It makes use of a physical toy plane as an accessory to an actual game that can be played using a smartphone or tablet. The collectible foam airplanes can be attached to a smart device. Users can also download an app available for Android and iOS devices that allow gameplay while flying the collectible foam plane. The player gets to have a view of flying the plane through the display screen of the device.

There are different missions and campaigns that players need to fulfill. Each foam plane collectible also comes with different AR codes that unlock different campaigns to play. Missions include battling other planes in a dog fight, conducting bombing runs, escorting units as well as landing and refueling. The AppGear Foam Fighters is an interesting combination of an augmented reality game and having a collectible plane toy to go along with it. The AppGear Foam Fighters collectible plane is available at Wowwee for US$10 each. The game app is available for free download at Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

Image Source: Wowwee

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