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Anki Overdrive

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Racing toy cars may not be something new for many kids. After all, RC cars are common nowadays that many kids are already getting into races with friends. But there is a new type of toy car that many kids will find interesting this time. These are a new breed of intelligent toy cars in the Anki Overdrive.

The Anki Overdrive is not your typical RC toy car. It comes with its own onboard computer that gives the car AI and allows kids to upgrade it through their tablets or smartphones. Built in visual sensors on the cars allow it to stay on the racetrack all the time. Kids not only race the cars on the included modular racetracks, kids can play other games with their Anki Overdrive with its virtual weapons.

Fit your supercar with weapons to do battle with other Anki Overdrive cars. Control them using a tablet or smartphone with the accompanying app. The cars can also function using its own AI to do battle with the human drivers. Improve your supercar by adding upgrades to it. Kids can earn points in-game and customize their cars with upgrades. The more kids upgrade their cars the more powerful it becomes during games.

The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit set comes with ten pieces of modular tracks that connect via magnets, and two cars. It is expected to cost around $150 when it comes out sometime in September. Expansion kits such as additional tracks are forthcoming to allow the kids to create more interesting racetracks and more interesting games.

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