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Anki DRIVE AI Race Car

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Kids love playing video games. But after a while, they might get bored playing with the same stuff over and over again. They begin to look for other challenges. How about playing a video game in real life using real toys? At least that is what the Anki DRIVE AI Race Car aims to achieve.

The Anki DRIVE is more than just a typical race car. Each car comes with artificial intelligence, engineered to think for itself. In short, the Anki DRIVE racecar knows where it is, makes a decision and can drive itself. But kids can also use an iOS device to control a car to race with friends or with an AI racecar. The Anki DRIVE includes a physical track intended for indoor use. It can be placed in any flat surface. The track can accommodate racing up to four cars that friends can control to face up against each other. Cars that you or your friends do not control can be AI-enabled in the race.

The objective of the Anki DRIVE racecar game is to take out the other racecars. Each car comes with a special weapon that gives it certain advantages. The experience improves after each race as the cars evolve and gain points. The more points a car accumulates at different races, the more options it can use to upgrade weapons and other capabilities. It is an interesting take on a typical video game. But this time, the current game comes with a physical component. The Anki DRIVE racecar Starter Kit is available at the Apple Store for $200.

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