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Animal Crackers Baby Toy

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Simple toys can already be fun for most babies. What most of us take for granted already is what makes young kids excited. Babies are trying to discover more about themselves from day to day and parents should make sure to help them do that. Providing them with tools for discovery like the Animal Crackers Baby Toy can help a lot.

The Animal Crackers Baby Toy can be quite fun for kids who are just learning to see, hear, and feel their environment. It has a number of sensory stimulating features that babies will have fun discovering. Each Animal Cracker are brightly colored and made in the shape of a hippo, lion and the elephant for added visual appeal for kids. Each one also comes with hinges that make a sound when bent. The different textures also help kids explore their sense of touch. The three animal friends can also be connected to each other, something that babies can find enjoyable once they discover that.

The Animal Crackers Baby Toy comes in a set of three animal friends. Playing with them encourages babies to explore their developing senses as well as their tactile learning. The toy also helps kids learn about cause and effect and also helps encourage imaginative play. This toy also provides a great way for kids to develop their auditory and motor skills even when the family goes on a trip. The Animal Crackers Baby Toy is ideal for kids from a year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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