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Angry Birds: On Thin Ice

by admin

Make your fascination for Angry Birds app to reality with an actual Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds: On Thin Ice by Mattel is the second installment of the exciting skill and action game based on the hit smartphone app. Players simply build a structure, as directed in a mission card, using green pigs (some of which wear helmets), breakable ice blocks, and an exploding TNT box. Then, the Angry Bird is hurled using a slingshot-style catapult launcher and watch the structure obliterate to score points.

The kit includes two Angry Birds, 3 green pigs, one catapult launcher, structure pieces, and mission cards. It is ideal for two to four players ages 5 to 12 years. Even adults can join in the fun!

The Angry Birds: On Thin Ice is available on Amazon for a listed price of $19.99.

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