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Angry Birds 2 Gets One Million Downloads In Just 12 Hours

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Rovio, the developer behind the hugely popular game app Angry Birds, has made the sequel Angry Birds 2 available for download last Thursday. This is the long awaited sequel to one of the first games ever to become so popular on a portable device platform. And we all know that game apps have grown to become one of the more active and rapidly growing sectors related to smartphones and tablets. This, and the wide appeal of the game with its millions of fans have made it quite popular, so much so that the new sequel was downloaded more than a million times in just a span of 12 hours.

Yes, the popularity of the game still resonates among those who love to play it based on that factor alone. It took Rovio several years to come up with a fitting sequel to the game. Although the game has been made available in many different game themes in the past, it is only this time that the developers have added new features to the game.

Angry Birds 2 comes with more stunning graphics and a number of new landscapes. There are new multi-stage levels that include Boss levels to heighten up the challenge. Players now also have the ability to choose what birds they want to use and when as well as added choices for spells to combat those bad piggies.

The download activity for the game shows promise that Angry Birds 2 and the game in general has remained popular despite all these years. The fact that Rovio offered it as a free download really helped in that aspect. Now, this popularity will trickle down further to other businesses the company operates related to the game such as toys and other merchandise. You can now download Angry Birds 2 for free from the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

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