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Amazing Visual Math Book

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Not all kids appreciate math. Some may not even be interested in it. But it is basic knowledge that kids need to learn, just like the alphabet and reading. What parents can do is to make learning math more fun. One way to do that is by making math learning a physical activity rather than just a mental one. The Amazing Visual Math Book can help provide some fun and visual learning to math and its different concepts.

The Amazing Visual Math Book is more than just a typical book full of numbers, rules and math exercises. It is a book filled with vivid images and tactile exercises to make math learning fun and interesting. The pages come with flaps that kids can flip open to learn about certain math concepts. Kids can even create 3D shapes using some of the pages. Kids can learn how to visualize sums and differences by means of using ladders and dots. Kids will learn about fractions by actually folding pages in halves and thirds. The book also comes with a fun quiz where kids flip open the flaps to check the answers.

The Amazing Visual Math Book enables kids to learn about math by visualizing them. This book helps kids develop not only their basic math skills but also their fine motor skills as well as their tactile and visual learning. The Amazing Visual Math Book is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

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