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Alphabet Art In The Garden Flash Cards

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Consider a child’s mind as a blank canvas. Whatever you teach a child, gets etched into that canvas. Eventually, some things are more noticeable in that canvas than the others. It is what kids can recall the most while the others tend to dissolve into the background.

In a way, that is also how kids acquire knowledge. Those things that they can firmly recall and remember are those things that they can vividly see from their mind’s eye. It is those things that offered them a more stimulating experience.

In teaching kids the alphabet early, you might need tools like the Alphabet Art In The Garden Flash Cards are not just your usually alphabet flash cards. Each card features colorful artwork associated each letter of the alphabet. The theme used is the typical garden. Kids can learn many things from A to Z that they can find in the garden. The association helps kids better recall the alphabet and the garden objects they stand for.

The Alphabet Art In The Garden Flash Cards comes with 26 large flash cards that measure 6″x9″ each. It is ideal for teaching kids the alphabet as early as three years of age. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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