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Alilo Cool Bunny

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Toys are the constant companion of most kids. Aside from playing with them, some kids also try to make that connection with toys made to look like different characters. Kids find it fun having toys that they can interact with. Toys like the Alilo Cool Bunny can easily fit into this category of interactive toys.

The Alilo Cool Bunny is a fun toy for kids that also acts as an enjoyable educational tool. This toy bunny can sing songs, tell stories and stream audio via Bluetooth and play it clearly through the built-in speaker. It comes with a 4GB worth of memory for parents to store hundreds of songs and stories for the kids to enjoy. The Alilo Cool Bunny also comes with a built-in microphone to allow parents to record messages of their own songs and stories for the kids.

Kids would love to make friends with the Alilo Cool Bunny as they play with it. Its soft silicone ears solftly glow into a rainbow of colors while kids listen to the songs and stories that this toy bunny has in store. It is also built to be durable as it is made out of kids-safe ABS plastic and BPA-free silicone ears. Aside from being a fun companion for the kids, the Alilo Cool Bunny can also be be used as a LED nightlight. It comes with a USB slot that makes charging and connectivity more convenient. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that can go for up to 5 hours of use before recharging. The Alilo Cool Bunny is available at Fat Brain Toys for $75.

Image Source : Fat Brain Toys

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