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ALEX Toys My Art Spinner

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Kids have very creative minds. They are more open to exploring different concepts and ideas that helps them learn and understand the world they live in. They are less limited by rules that can also limit what they can and cannot do. The same goes with how they perceive art. It helps for kids to explore the many different ways they can create art. The ALEX Toys My Art Spinner can help them do this.

The ALEX Toys My Art Spinner is a unique toy and art tool that allows kids to create artwork in a different way. Kids can create cool color effects by dropping paint into a spinning piece of paper. That is essentially what the ALEX Toys My Art Spinner does. With it, kids can explore and create unique circular splashes of art using an unconventional method or technique. It will helps kids become even more creative as they learn what happens when they drip colors closer together, farther apart, on a slow spinning canvas or on a fast spinning one. The ALEX Toys My Art Spinner uses a 1C battery to power the Art Spinner. It comes with a splash shield to protect against messes.

The ALEX Toys My Art Spinner set includes the Art Spinner, 5 bottles of paint, 20 black and white cards, gold and silver glitter as well as easy instructions for kids on how to use and play with this creative toy. The ALEX Toys My Art Spinner is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Amazon for $19.

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