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Alex Jr. Busy Sound & Play Table

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Different activities help stimulate a child’s brain and aids in its development. Interactive toys help provide this type of stimulation that boosts a child’s ability to learn skills and be more aware of their capabilities. The Alex Jr. Busy Sound & Play Table is one good example of such interactive toy.

The Alex Jr. Busy Sound & Play Table provides toddlers with a number of activities that will stimulate their developing senses. The brightly colored peanut-shaped table comes with gears, mazes and musical instruments to keep the child engaged during play. A finger drum teaches kids about the basics of music and rhythm early. So does the chiming xylophone using the chime hammer to create sounds when striking the colorful metal xylophone bars.

The Alex Jr. Busy Sound & Play Table also comes with connected spinning gears that kids can spin around and around. Kids can move two wooden cars on a winding road on the table. Along with the little critters that move along a spiral wire, the activities can improve finger skills among the kids. Letters of the alphabet along with different objects are painted on the edges of the table in bright vivid colors.

The different activities that the Alex Jr. Busy Sound & Play Table offers can help provide different activities for kids to develop their fine motor skills, basic ideas about cause and effect, as well as their creativity. They also get to learn more about letters, animals and colors. The table is big enough to accommodate three kids to play at the same time. It is an ideal toy for kids from 18 months and above. The Alex Jr. Busy Sound & Play Table is available at Fat Brain Toys for $70.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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