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AirTime Hand-Controlled Flying Drone

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There are now many types of flying drones available in the market. But most of them are designed to capture still images or video from the sky. There are a few of them that can do other functions such as carry loads or monitor large areas of land. But only quite a few of them are made specially for kids. This new AirTime Hand-Controlled Flying Drone is just one of them.

The AirTime Hand-Controlled Flying Drone offers as different way kids can look at flying drones. This is the drone that they can have fun with their friends. Instead of taking shots and video footage. The AirTime drone is designed for fun and active play. This drone can fly and hover without the use of a remote control or app. It features sensors around the vehicle that can determine the drone’s flight direction. A gesture of a kid’s hand close to the AirTime and it will fly in the opposite direction. Kids can have fun and control the toy drone and direct it to fly using their hand gestures.

The AirTime Flying Drone turns on automatically when it is right side up. Simply invert it to turn it off. The drone uses advanced LED infrared sensor technology as well as inductive suspension. There are built-in gyroscopes that help control accuracy and balance along with better collision protection. The mini-drone comes with an outer cage with quality lightweight non-toxic material that encase the moving fan blades to make them safe for kids to play with.

The AirTime Flying Drone comes with rechargeable batteries that requires 30 minutes of charging time. A full charge can achieve a flight time of 6-8 minutes. Since the AirTime does not require a remote control or app to control, it is ideal for kids to have fun learning how drones hover, move around, and fly by using their hand gestures. This toy can help kids develop their visual-spatial intellegence as well as their creativity and imagination. It also helps arouse their scientific curiosity at an early age. The AirTime Hand-Controlled Flying Drone is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. It is avaialble at the Eureka Science Shop for around $35.

Image Source: Eureka

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