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Air Hogs RC Skywinder

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Kids love to play with toys that can fly. But some RC flying toys require a large area for flight to be possible. Sometimes, they require careful hands because they can be quite sensitive. Rarely can kids can play with a remote controlled flying toy that they can control even inside a room. The AirHogs RC Skywinder fits into this bill quite nicely.

The Air Hogs RC Skywinder is unique in both looks as well as the way it flies. It features two propeller blades that rotate in opposite directions. Interestingly, this makes it fly and hover in a more stable manner. It also can do maneuvers like doing loops, dives, swoops and more. Control is made through a squeeze of a trigger in its remote control. It is easy to learn and maneuver once

Kids get the hang of it.

What makes the Air Hogs RC Skywinder ideal for kids is that it comes with a durable exterior but made with high-density foam and crash resistant materials. There is no worry about kids damaging this unique flying toy when playing with it. It is also designed for indoor use, making it an ideal toy for kids if they want to fly the toy inside their rooms. The Air Hogs RC Skywinder also comes with a rechargeable battery for convenient power ups. Its remote control acts as a charging port and stand for the toy. The remote control requires four AA batteries to function. The Air Hogs RC Skywinder is designed for kids 8 years old and above. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $30.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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