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Air Hogs E-Charger

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There are now a lot of flying toys that kids can play with. But before any of them came out, many kids in the past started playing with paper planes. Kids start to make their own version of paper planes that can fly the longest. But there are now also new high tech versions available that kids can play with. I’m not talking about those RC toy planes. What I meant is the new Air Hogs E-Charger planes.

The Air Hogs E-Charger may be considered as the modern version of the paper plane. Instead of just being a glider, the Air Hogs E-Charger comes with a motor and has the capacity to fly up to 100 yards.  But what makes this e-plane appealing is that it only takes kids around 30 seconds of recharging before the plane can take up the air again. Kids only need to place the plane on the charger unit for about 30 seconds. After that, the plane is ready for the air once again. The replay option makes it attractive to kids. The Air Hogs E-Charger is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. It comes in a number of different plane models and comes with an E-charger along with the plane. It is available at Amazon for around $10.

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