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Air Hogs Battle Tracker

by dennis

Kids today may be quite hard to please when it comes to toy choices. For boys, the more popular choices usually include all things remote controlled. If it flies such as with an RC helicopter, then it would even be better. But over time, even they can tire out of this, especially if they are always alone playing. But Air Hogs has recently come up to deal away with boredom when playing alone by introducing this new Battle Tracker.

The Air Hogs Battle Tracker is composed of a RC Helicopter and a missile turret called ART for Automated Robotic Turret. Two things are quite interesting here- the RC helicopter fires spinning discs while ART can track the helicopter by itself and fire missiles to it. This gives the Air Hogs Battle Tracker different ways to have fun with.

Users can either play with the Air Hogs Battle Tracker alone using the Auto Mode. The helicopter battles with ART to see who gets to hit who first. Hitting ART with the helicopter’s spinning discs will disable it. But when ART tracks and hits the helicopter with one if its foam missiles, then a helicopter crash will surely follow.

But if a friend is around, the Battle Tracker can also function in 2-Player mode. ART also has a wired remote control located at the back. The other player can use it to control ART and 2 players can now do battle with one another. One other fun thing about the Air Hogs Battle Tracker is that it comes with a variety of fun sound effects and robotic voices that make the game livelier. It is an interesting toy for the boys that they might want to have for this year’s holidays.  Designed for kids 8 years old and above, the Air Hogs Battle Tracker is set to be available in stores by Fall of this year. It is expected to cost around US$100.

Image Source: Spin Master

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