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Outdoor activities can help kids become more energize and grow up healthy as well. It can sometimes be hard for parents to encourage their kids to play outdoors because many kids already have so much fun playing indoors with their video games, computers and watching cartoons. But it is important to encourage kids to engage in outdoor play as much as you can. It will be easier if you have toys like the Aero Zipp to keep them interested.

The Aero Zipp is a fun toy that allows kids to propel Aero balls over 200 feet through the air. It features an Aero launcher with a claw at the end where you can place the soft Aero balls. Kids just need to cock their arm back and then move it forward to launch the ball. They can watch the balls soar and travel longer distances than what they can achieve by using only their arms to throw the balls. The soft Aero balls are safe and features dimples similar to golf balls to help them soar farther.

With the Aero Zipp, kids can also learn and discover about the Magnus effect, the tendency of a spinning ball to curve as it travels. The Aero Zipp also encourages outdoor activity in kids. It also helps develop their gross motor skills. The Aero launcher arm folds down for easy storage after use. The toy comes with three Aero balls along with a holster to hold them. The Aero Zipp is available at Fat Brain Toys for $18.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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