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Adventure Treasure Ship

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Imagination helps kids develop a more creative mind. Kids need it when they role-play. It is also what they use when they daydream. Developing a bright imagination is important for kids to have a healthy mind. Toys that help fuel their imagination like this Adventure Treasure Ship can help.

The Adventure Treasure Ship is a unique toy set that allows kids to imagine going on a sea adventure. This toy treasure ship is designed much like a typical dollhouse with an opening on the side. Kids can set and arrange different toy accessories inside the ship the way they want to. Only their imagination can limit what they can do.

The Adventure Treasure Ship comes with four secret compartments, space inside the ship that kids can play with. not only that, it also comes with a lookout tower with steering wheel and a crow’s nest, a bridge, a lifesaver swing, a treasure chest, 4 treasure pieces, a flat water piece, crown, fishing net, a flag, binoculars with strap, 2 ship railings, a map and 8 card inserts. With all these things to work with, kids will have a fun time arranging and rearranging the treasure ship as they embark on an exciting sea adventure. It is a good toy set to give kids with a knack for imagination and role-play. It helps encourage kids to picture out their adventures in their minds and promote their mental growth and development in the process. The Adventure Treasure Ship is available at Toys R’ Us for $32.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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