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ABC & 123 Electronic Flash Card

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Flash cards have been great tools for kids to master different learning skills. Kids usually are introduced to them when they go to school. It is usually a teacher’s tool to help kids interact while learning. Parents can also make use of these tools to help sharpen a kids math and alphabet skills with the ABC & 123 Electronic Flash Card

The ABC & 123 Electronic Flash Card is a new twist to the standard flash cards most kids are familiar with. This electronic toy flashes numbers or letters on the LCD displays for kids to learn and solve. Turning on the device will enable kids to start playing. They can choose from numbers or letters by sliding the select switch. There are three screens available- two small ones on the left for choosing answers and a third larger one on the right for the question.

The ABC & 123 Electronic Flash Card provides questions regarding number or letter sequence, letter matching, finding the missing number or letter and counting the dots. A question comes with two answer choices displayed on the smaller screens on the left. Kids press a button next to the screen to indicate their chosen answer.

The ABC & 123 Electronic Flash Card is a good way to help kids sharpen their skills in counting numbers and learning the alphabet. It can also help them develop number or letter sequencing and matching. Four different games are available in just a single device. It is also durable and portable so that kids can practice and have fun with it everywhere they go. The ABC & 123 Electronic Flash Card is ideal for Pre-K kids to develop their skills at the early stage of development. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $18.

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