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A-Maze-Ball Maze Game

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Kids who love challenges will usually like to play with different puzzles. Once they mastered one puzzle though, they try to find other more challenging puzzles to try out. It great for the kids to at least try different types of puzzles that offer them different challenges to continue the mental stimulation they need. For something different to try this time, kids may consider this new A-Maze-Ball Maze Game.

The A-Maze-Ball Maze Game is a spherical puzzle that may prove a different challenge for kids who have grown accustomed to digital puzzles they usually play on their tablets or portable devices. It is a classic physical puzzle that requires deft manipulation and focus in order to solve. The sphere comes with a complex 3D maze inside with a metal ball. The objective is to get the ball from one end of the maze to the other.

The A-Maze-Ball Maze Game may look simple at first. But once kids try to solve it, they are in for a big surprise. Kids will need to use their fine motor skills to maneuver the metal ball in the direction they wish it to go. They also will try to take advantage of gravity to do the work for them sometimes. They also need a bit of a strategy so as not to trap the ball on a dead end while they do the puzzle.

The A-Maze-Ball Maze Game comes in three different game levels- the easy orange ball, the red medium difficulty ball and the blue hard level ball. The puzzle challenge may even be quite intriguing for adults to try it out. The A-Maze-Ball Maze Game is available exclusively at Think Geek for $10 each.

Image Source: Think Geek

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