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5 Second Rule Jr.

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Getting kids to play games is not hard. But sometimes, playing with them may be a bit of a challenge. You may not have the same interests as to what your kids will like to play with. But it is important that you and your child need to also have something fun to do together. The 5 Second Rule Jr. may be just the game in mind.

The 5 Second Rule Jr. is a simple board game that requires not physical prowess, but simply some bit of quick thinking. It will be beneficial for kids since it helps them to learn how to do some focused thinking. The game involves trying to answer questions within five seconds to move each player piece on the board. The time pressure to answer the cards in different category types provide the main challenge.

The 5 Second Rule Jr. comes with 200 double-sided game cards, 6 pawns, a timer and the game board. The first player needs to pick out a category cards and try to answer the 3 names it requires within 5 seconds. Successfully doing so, will enable that player to move a pawn forward on the board. The next player will also need to come up with the required names for the same category. If unsuccessful, a new category is drawn and the next player tries to answer it to move his or her pawn forward. The first player who moves his or her pawn to the finish line wins.

The 5 Second Rule Jr. board game is simple and yet fun and interesting for kids. It helps them develop their quick thinking skills as well as their memory. It also helps become your bonding time, trying to have fun together. The 5 Second Rule Jr. is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

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