4M Tubee Creative Vehicles

Kids have that knack for creating things even at an early age. It is a stage where their creativity is slowly flourishing and still free from the limitations brought about by rules. They have an open mind and can see things differently from older ones. It is important that parents give them a means to practice this skills by giving them something they can work their hands on. The 4M Tubee Creative Vehicles building set.

The 4M Tubee Creative Vehicles is an interesting and unique play set that kids will love to get their hands into. Kids can use simple straws and sturdy punch-out straw parts to build. In this set, kids can try to design and build different vehicles. The sky is the limit. There are also illustrated instructions to help kids start building a scooter, tricycle, a dragster, a car and other vehicle models. Aside from the soft foam pieces in different shapes and forms, kids may also need scissors to cut the straws when connecting the different pieces. Ideal for kids from 5 years old and above, the  4M Tubee Creative Vehicles is available at Fat Brain Toys for $11.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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