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4M Make Your Own Mosaic Lantern

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Kids like to make things out of their own hands. It gives them a sense of accomplishment that helps them build appreciation over something that they create. In turn, it also gives them the motivation to excel and become better at what they do. Parents can help kids develop these traits by providing them with certain projects that allow them to create something with their hands. A good way to start is by giving them this 4M Make Your Own Mosaic Lantern.

The 4M Make Your Own Mosaic Lantern will enable your kid to assemble a glowing lantern. It is a good way for kids to develop their creativity and imagination by assembling a unique mosaic lantern. It is easy to do and yet allow kids to use their creative juices for the task.

To create the design for their lantern, kids only need to punch out holes in the card template included with the 4M Make Your Own Mosaic Lantern set. Kids can create mosaic patterns this way. The card templates come printed with a heart and L-O-V-E design.

Kids can make their mosaic lanterns unique by highlighting the punched holes using different colors. Instructions are included on how to set up the lantern once the design is done. Kids also have the option of creating their own mosaic design using the tools available.

The 4M Make Your Own Mosaic Lantern comes with 2 card templates, 2 sheets of filter paper, a foam pad, punch tools for creative the design holes, 4 colored markers, plastic stand and adhesive tapes. The set also comes with a light module that requires a button cell battery. Kids can have fun trying to create their very own mosaic lantern. It is an ideal project for kids 5 years old and above to try out. The 4M Make Your Own Mosaic Lantern is available at Fat Brain Toys for $12.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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