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Hookum Bimini Ring Game

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Playing a game becomes even fun if other players join in. this makes it even more enjoyable for kids having friends or even parents play along with them. The game becomes exciting if the challenges of the game are more or less equal among the players of any age. This Hookum Bimini Ring Game certainly fits that mold.

The Hookum Bimini Ring Game is a unique take on a classic game that originated from the Carribean. In this tabletop game, players use a tower with four folding arms that each holds a ring attached to a string at one end. The objective of the players is to swing a ring into a hook placed on the middle based of the tower. Four players can play and try to see who can hook their rings first. The rules may be that simple, but the challenge is quite engaging. Once you try to swing the ring to try and hook it up, you just cannot stop to do it again if you fail. It takes some practice to even get that first ring on the hook. And practice makes perfect.

The Hookum Bimini Ring Game helps teach kids a little about physics along the way. It also helps them learn about focus and analysis. The Hookum Bimini Ring Game is an ideal game for kids from 5 years old and above. It is available at Amazon for around $40.

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