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LeapFrog Epic Kid’s Tablet

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Kid’s tablets have become a popular toy. Parents now have several choices available for them. But instead of just considering kid’s tablets as toys, they should also be considered for their educational value. Some kid’s tablets are designed just for their entertainment features. The LeapFrog Epic Kid’s Tablet is one of those that also takes the kid’s welfare into consideration.

The LeapFrog Epic Kid’s Tablet is designed to help both entertain and educate kids. It features a tablet with 1.3GHz processor, running an Android OS, a 7-inch display and a 16GB memory. Although it may seem to have only decent specs, the other features this tablet includes that make it stand out. One of them includes access to a library of learning apps that will help kids learn based on their advancing age. It also works well as an entertaining tablet that comes with kid-friendly games and apps. The LeapFrog Epic Kid’s Tablet is available at Amazon for $118.

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