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Superfight! Card Game

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Kids may have similar thoughts when it comes to card games. Although there are different ways of playing cards, some kids may look at them the same. When compared to video games and tablet apps, they do not always measure very well in terms of fun. But there are times when kids would love the fun and social interaction that comes with playing cards. The Superfight! Card Game is a sure way to make that happen.

The Superfight! Card Game is more than just any other card game out there. For one, it is a fun and hilarious card game. Why? Because players can create different characters armed with different powers based on their cards and then argue it out on who would win in a battle. The characters created may not always be what you think. The combinations can lead to hilarious ends that will keep the players in constant laughter. Just imagine- who would win the battle between a Woolly Mammoth that throws knives but is afraid of its own shadow and a T-Rex that is armed with a baguette and has one million Twitter followers? Now you get the drift?

The Superfight! Card Game is interesting as it is fun and hilarious to play. And this is just one of the ways players can play with it. There are also other game options provided in the instructions that come with the card set. The Superfight! Card Game is available at Think Geek for $35 for the core game. Expansion card sets are also available to add to the fun and will cost another $15 per set. But the Superfight! Card Game core set is more than enough to provide kids with hours and hours of fun and hilarity while playing the game.

Image Source: Think Geek

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