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Telugu Big Boss Season 2 – Online Voting Process

To vote in favor of your most loved challenger Give a Missed Call #BiggBossTelugu2
Come June 10, and all will be perfectly clear; who makes it to the last 16 and who does not. This season will undoubtedly give gatherings of people a few amazements. The Telugu Big Boss Season 2 Vote guarantees to bring more fervor and general amusement than the principal season.

Presently, as the greater part of us know the Bigg Boss TV arrangement is fundamentally in view of web based voting by the shows groups of onlookers, to keep their most loved hopefuls in the show. The candidate who gets less number of gathering of people votes is dispensed with from the show and requested to go out. So it is imperative for the groups of onlookers to know how one can vote online for their most loved contenders and keep them in the chase for the victor’s title in this Season 2. Read on to find out about the Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote process.

Well ordered Guide for Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Season 2
The Bigg Boss Telugu Voting should be possible by means of two strategies. You can visit the Telugu Bigg Boss Season 2 web based voting site and after that vote in favor of your hopeful from among those designated or you can give a missed approach numbers allocated to the candidates. Each hopeful is appointed a novel calling number with the end goal of disposal voting. Give us a chance to perceive how the voting procedure happens.

According to the Bigg Boss guidelines, each house visitor (candidate) is designated by alternate visitors for an end each week. The visitors who get assigned at that point experience open voting and are then wiped out from the house in light of the quantity of votes they get. How this happens is, each week every challenger gets the chance to choose two of his kindred visitors for the disposal round.

The visitor who gets greatest number of selections from kindred detainees is then put into the disposal round. Presently, every one of those visitors who are placed in the end round need to approach people in general to vote in favor of them, with a specific end goal to remain back in the Bigg Boss house. The voting lines are then opened up for people in general. Contingent upon the quantity of votes, the Bigg Boss chooses which competitor (who gets least votes) gets dispensed with from the house. Give us now a chance to perceive how one can vote in favor of their most loved hopefuls and keep them from being wiped out.

To make a choice for your most loved candidate on the web, first you have to login from your Gmail account.

You have to open the Google seek page and enter the catchphrases, “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or “Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Voting” or “Star Maa Bigg Boss Voting” or “Bigg Boss Vote 2018”. You will get the connection to the web based voting site by Star Maa.

Presently when you explore to the voting page, you can see a rundown of the considerable number of hopefuls assigned for the end round. You would now be able to click your most loved competitor and move the voting bar to enroll the aggregate number of votes.

The Bigg Boss 2 rules enable you to cast a greatest of 50 votes from one email address. These 50 votes can be part by you as per your comfort. You can give them all to one contender or spread them among a couple of them.

After you finish giving all your 50 Votes, tap on “Submit Vote” catch. This empowers the framework to now conclude and enroll your votes to the members.

Essential Note: The web based voting framework is dynamic on all weekdays i.e. from the night on Monday, 10 PM onwards upto the finish of Friday 11.59 PM. The group of onlookers can’t cast any votes on the ends of the week (both Saturday and Sunday).

Telugu Bigg Boss Vote Season 2 – Missed Call Voting Process

Alongside the internet voting choice, the watchers can likewise enroll their votes by giving a missed call from their telephones to the particular numbers dispensed to the candidates. These numbers are assigned by the Bigg Boss group and each candidate gets a remarkable number for his utilization all through the whole season until his/her disposal.

The rundown of candidates for Telugu Bigg Boss Season 2 will be proclaimed amid the dispatch of the season on 10 June 2018. After the rundown is announced and the show begins, watchers will be conveyed the missed call voting numbers for every competitor. Watch this space for more data with respect to the numbers. In any case, it must be noticed that one can just give 10 votes for every enlisted number each week. Any vote over 10 won’t be considered.

Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Vote Season 2 – Voting Rules and Regulations
It is very certain that the whole result of Bigg Boss Telugu indicate depends on voting by the gatherings of people to their most loved members. Along these lines, the general population dealing with the show have put a few tenets and directions in regards to the voting choices and voting process. These tenets make it a reasonable disposal for all members. Give us a chance to perceive what these guidelines are:

The voting procedure is composed keeping in mind the end goal to empower the watchers to spare their most loved members from getting disposed of. Henceforth, interest in the survey does not qualifies any crowd part for prizes or endowments. It is absolutely a person’s decision to take part in the Bigg Boss voting.

Web based voting should be possible just by means of substantial Gmail accounts and is impossible through some other email accounts that the watchers may have.

Watchers enlisting their votes online are restricted to 50 votes for every Gmail account every week. One can make extra votes utilizing diverse Gmail accounts.

Watchers who are enlisting their Telugu Bigg Boss votes through missed call, are required to have a legitimate portable number enrolled with Indian telecom administrators as it were.

Likewise one can enroll a most extreme of 10 votes from one portable number for every week. There is no cost related with the missed call. Any vote over the permitted 10 votes is dismissed and not considered.

The voting done through the Star MAA official site and the authority missed call numbers are considered for end purposes. Voting done through some other site, facebook pages, applications, versatile numbers and so on are not viewed as legitimate.

Star MAA Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 – Game Rules and Regulations

The Bigg Boss Telugu demonstrate includes a great deal of show, undertakings and exercises which can prompt exceptionally unverifiable or complex circumstances on occasion. Subsequently, the show members, amusement process, voting and different features of the show are exceptionally controlled incase of such ambiguities that may emerge. Give us a chance to see a portion of these standards and controls:

The second period of the show will be led for 100 days (rather than the prior 71 days).

The Season 2 of Telugu Bigg Boss is hypothesized to contain a sum of 16 members who are usually alluded to a house visitors or housemates.

These housemates are to live in the Bigg Boss house for a sum of 100 days or until their end from the house. This house is total

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